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This site is still under development and issues may occur!
If you encounter any, please email me at I appreciate your patience and apologize in advance for any issues that may occur!
Thank you, -Francis

Current Candidate: Not yet selected

by RMoSA Mar/01/2022

This page will host information on how to support a selected candidate once one is chosen so stay tuned!

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The People's Convoy Texas style

by Larry Smith Apr/27/2022

This isn't a left issue. It isn't a Right one either.
It's a We the People issue or simply put us against them.
I'm referring to the overreach both sides use to keep their power.
I'm talking about The Emergency Powers Act and it's time to remind it.
There are several convoys converging on Saturday April 30th in Austin.
The staging area is the Walmart on Ben White Blvd in South Austin at 11:30AM.
Hopefully we can get some people up there as well.
You don't have to have a Semi just show up in your vehicle and fly your flags. It's for everyone.

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Kudos to our Website Builder!

by Larry Smith Apr/19/2022

Ok now, server issues resolved no thanks to Google but huge thank you're to Thomas K.
Thank you so much T.
Mentoring you has been years of fun and fully rewarding.
Very proud of you young man

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Fundraising Options ???

by Joe Garza Mar/18/2022

We need to start fundraising for candidates. Does anyone have a good idea to raise money??

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This site is fantastic!

by Steel Rain Mar/12/2022

Hi everyone, my name is Jon. Just a proud member of this group. I think this site is a great idea!

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by Joe Garza Mar/12/2022

If Facebook or any other social media website goes down, we have our very own Republican Men of San Antonio website to fall back on to communicate.

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Thomas udaBoss of all of us

by Larry Smith Mar/12/2022

Dear Thomas, I am so proud of you my friend, young man, and one of the greatest gamblers I did in my life that had the greatest reward!
I truly love you Son, little brother, and all that and a bag of chips

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by eliazar cisneros Mar/12/2022

Hello everyone, I would like to welcome all to this site and would also like to thank Frank for his ongoing development of this site.

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by Larry Smith Mar/08/2022

Hello Republican Men of San Antonio.
Need help funding this website. We'll talk about it tonight

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Hello world!

by Francis Kernan Mar/01/2022

Hello world!

My name is Francis, I developed this website on behalf of Larry and The RMoSA group as a place to discuss, post, and otherwise interact with other members!

Many features are planned and on their way, but if you spot an issue, or want to suggest a feature feel free to either make a post, or email me at!

That's all for now!

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